Thursday, April 28, 2011

NBA Playoffs: Laker Inspired Nails

Hey loves!
These are my KICK ASS NAILS OF THE MOMENT! Representing my LOVE for the Lakers! I have a tutorial on this coming soon to my YouTube channel, so stay tuned if you wanna learn! =)

This is a great way to impress the man in your life...if he's into basketball!

Products used:
Basketball: China Glaze Life Preserver (Base), Sinful Colors Nail Art Polish Black (Lines), 
OPI Over The Taupe (dots...for texture)
Yellow: China Glaze Solar Power
Purple: OPI Funky Dunky

Hope you enjoyed! See you in my next post! <3


Mie said...

HAHA those are FIERCE!!!! Love them~
But would a guy even notice if my nails are done?! HAHA usually their eyes are some place else.

jezmacmania said...

@Mie: LOL! So true! But I just shove my nails in my bf's face so that i make SURE he sees them. My bf is already so used to me doing my nails all the time, that he usually notices when they are different anyway. haha

cryskay said...


Lisa said...

OMGOSH THIS IS SO FUNNY!! hahaha.. you're so adorable.. you know who else would love these names.. klhoe kardashion :)!!!!

Lisa said...

ok i just reread my comment and it sounds rude~~!!! ugh.. sorry i didn't mean to sound rude.. i meant that i think it's very cute but funny at the same time.. because i don't follow basketball.. but i do follow the kardashians.. and i know khloe would love those nails haha :)

For The Fierce said...

love the nails! very creative, & about the dimple piercings, their sick aren't they?!


Ashley Rae said...

LA all day!!! Love the nails!


Sara Alwan said...

Beautiful nails i love it!

jamie said...

whhhhat?! this is SO cool! i wish you could do my nails when i go see a baseball game with my fiance!

Mandy said...

haha nice job on the basketball nails! (: