Friday, April 1, 2011

Feelin' Girly

Hello my loves!
The weather is BEAUTIFUL today and I'm officially on SPRING BREAK! whee!! I did my nails pretty simple, just a few flowery designs. I was in a girly mood, so I thought...FLOWERS! Plus it's spring, yenno?? I am also LOVING this shade of red. It's so bright and fun!

Without flash

With flash


I also purchased that huge bottle of Out The Door Topcoat. I've heard good things about that stuff, so I wanted to give it a try. So far, so good. My nails were good to go in only a few minutes!

I also want to talk about the Gelous Advanced Gel Nail Coat. I am SUPER impressed with this stuff. Usually, by day 3, I can already see a little bit of chipping, especially around my cuticles. However, after 5 days, I felt as if my nails looked just as good as they did the first day I applied this manicure. I also love how it makes my nails look almost acrylic-like. I don't like acrylic nails, but I do like the way the look. (does that make sense?) So, for me to be able to achieve that look without actually having to apply fake nails makes me VERY HAPPY!

Hope you are having a LOVELY day today! See you in my next post! <3


kristinleigh said...

So pretty. Wish I have steady hands to do my own nails, lol. I paint my nails like a 5 year old =(


thomessa said...

Wow, your nails look great! :) That red is a intense and pretty color!

Christine said...

Your nails look so beautiful, love this look :)

Xo Christine

Sia said...

So cool and creative, thanks for shearing. Love Sia x

Rilakumaki said...

o0o0o, how'd u do the flower? It's cute.