Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick OOTD + Mini Haulage + Yummy Goodness

Hello, loves!!
Just wanted to do a quick OOTD post for you all! This is what I wore today. Also, my brother and sister in law were also in town this past week and we did some shopping while they were here. I picked up a few clothing items from Forever 21.

Click to Enlarge
What I'm Wearing: Everything from Forever 21, except for the pants, which are from ZARA

Coral Dress: $6.99 (Sale rack)

Funky Shorts: $9.80

Black Shorts: $10.80

If you live in California and are somewhere in the Los Angeles, Inland Empire, or Orange County area...then you HAVE to try the BEST DONUTS EVER! It's from a place in Glendora, CA called Donut Man. Now I'm not the biggest donut fan, but These donuts are not too sweet, and they are made FRESH! This place is also open 24 hours, so you can go at any time of the day/night and be happily satisfied with some AMAZING DONUT GOODNESS!

Tiger Tail and Fresh Strawberry Filled Donuts (strawberry donuts are seasonal)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello, Loves!
So i FINALLY got my hands on the CRACKLE nail polish by China Glaze. My mission to get the OPI Shatter polish was a complete FAIL, but I got lucky and called my local Sally's Beauty Supply store to see if they had the Crackle polishes, and the lady told me that they still had a few left! So me & my sister-in-law BOLTED to the store! I ended up getting 4 out of the 6 colors. My sister-in-law was so sweet and bought these polishes for me! Yayee! Thanks, sis! I ended up getting Lightning Bolt (white), Cracked Concrete (gray), Crushed Candy (teal), and Broken Hearted (pink). I decided to not get the black crackle polish just because I feel like every one already has black, especially since the OPI Shatter polish came out. I am IN LOVE with these polishes. It's just so fun & funky!

Left to Right: Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Cracked Concrete

I really wanted to see what Crushed Candy would look like, so I did one nail using that color. Teehee! Now I will leave you with my latest OOTD video on youtube. Until next time, see you in my next post! <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hauling for Spring

I'm officially ready for spring. I can't wait to start wearing all the bright colors and cute heels, wedges, and sandals. I'm a HUGE winter person...but seeing all the bright colors in stores is getting me excited! I have been doing a bit of shopping lately just to prepare myself for the weather change. It's been really weird here in SoCal (whats new?) because it was nice a warm last week, then started RAINING this week! JUST when I was ready to bust out my shorts and skirts and rains! =( But anyway, I just wanted to share some of my purchases with you!

Coral high-waisted shorts: $9.80

Forever 21 Pink high-waisted shorts: $15.80

Forever 21 Coral tank top (looks orange in the picture): $4.80

Wild Pair Shoes: $60.00
H by Halston wedges: $90.00

Bakers Bangles: $18.00

Forever 21 Earrings: $1.50
Forever 21 Bird necklace: $1.50
Bakers Ring: $16.00

Forever 21 Belts: Top-bottom - $5.80, $4.80, $3.80

Forever 21 Skinny belts: $2.80 each

Can you tell by all the bright colors that I've been purchasing lately that I am SOO into corals?! LOL! Hope you enjoyed my haulage! <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orange is the new black OOTD

Okay may not quite...but Orange is DEFINITELY one of the hot colors for this spring. Like it or not, it's the truth! This spring is all about corals and oranges! I was never one to HATE orange. I actually went through a phase back in the 8th grade where orange was actually my favorite color! I wouldn't say that it is, once again, my favorite, but I'm actually curious to experiment with this color. I purchased this blazer at H&M this past weekend while I was in Vegas with my family. It was my Daddy's birthday on Valentines day. I wore it the day after I purchased it and I managed to sneak in a couple pictures of my outfit while I was in a Forever 21 fitting room. LOL!

Orange Blazer: H&M
Taupe Button-down: Cotton On
Leggings: TJ MAXX
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Coach

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day! As you all know, my bf & I are doing the whole long distance thing. I wasn't really expecting anything because he knew I would be out of town during he had flowers send to my work! I was sooo shocked! When I came in, my coworkers were just staring at me waiting for me to notice the flowers on top of the lockers. I was so happy I almost cried at work. Hahaha whata sap, huh?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Colored NOTM

Hello lovelies! I have been doing my nails like crazy this past week! Since I recently hauled a ton of new polishes, any bit of down time that I have, I use it to either Zumba (which is SO FUN!) or do my nails! Lol! I think this past week alone, I changed my polish 3 times. I think that may be a record for me. Amongst my friends, I am definitely notorious for always changing my polish, but that most I would do is once every week. But three times?! That may be a bit much...but oH WELL!

I decided to have Valentine-themed nails again, at least with the colors. I tried to do some hearts again, but failed miserably, so I kept it simple with a 2-toned color design.

This was the nail design that I had right before.
See you lovelies in my next post! <3

Monday, February 7, 2011

Transition into Spring OOTD

Hello, Loves! I just wanted to do a quick OOTD. It was warm today, so I decided to wear a dress to go to work. I'm slowly transitioning into spring, which is why I paired my simple black dress with a cream colored leather jacket. I also decided to wear my mint colored earrings and a turquoise colored belt to add more color to this outfit. It's really simple, but I thought it was still pretty cute.

What I'm Wearing:
EVERYTHING is from Forever 21, except for the shoes, which are from Bakers.

Hope you like this post!

p.s. can't you tell how pasty looking my legs are?! It's time for a taaan! lol

Nail Polish Haul + NOTM

Hello, loves! This weekend was SO fun! I FINALLY hung out with my girlfriends! I haven't seen them it what seemed to be YEARS! But it wasn't really that long, just a couple months, which is still super long! But it was such a relaxing weekend. We did typical girl stuff. Went to a lounge in L.A. on Friday night, had a slumber party, woke up on Saturday and went shopping, got massages, and had dinner. I had a BLAST!

When we went shopping, my friend, Eliza, took us to the best kept secret for nail supplies. You are gonna go crazy when I tell you how much I paid for these OPI, China Glaze, and Essie nail polishes. My OPI polishes were 3 for $12, Essie polishes were $3, and China Glaze polishes were $2.50! My grand total for 8 nail polishes = $30.50. INSANE, RIGHT? Seriously ladies, if ur anything like me, and are always on the hunt for a bargain, I suggest trying to find a nail supply store. This place that I went to looked like a mom&pop store where all the local manicurists went to buy their stuff. They had EVERYTHING you could think of in there, not just polishes. It almost seemed like a whole-sale type place. I was just so overwhelmed by all the colors! Thank goodness I had my girls with me, otherwise, I woulda bought 100 polishes! =P

I was in a spring mood, so for the most part, all the colors that I chose were really bright. I LOVE all the colors that I got. I'm super excited to use all these colors!

Names of polishes are listed below each photo. I also added a swatch so you can see how the color turns out in real life.

Do You Lilac It? (1 coat)
Mod-Ern Girl (1 coat)
Manicurist of Seville (1 coat)
Java Mauve-a (2 coats)
Jade is the New Black (1 coat)
Gargantuan Green Grape (2 coats)
Sew Psyched (2 coats)
Sunset Sail (2 coats)

Now onto my Nails of the moment! I LOVE this shade of green by Essie. This is my FIRST Essie polish and I am SO happy with the way it turned out. The consistency is amazing and I highly recommend Essie to everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I also hope my little bargain tip helped! I think it's time for me to buy a nail polish rack so that I can properly display my polishes. I have a feeling that I will be returning to that place VERY soon!

Me & my girls at Boiling Crab. Love these girls like NO OTHER! (Thanks for not laughing at me!)

Thanks for reading, loves! See you in my next post!