Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Tribal Print Jumpsuit + NOTM

Hello, loves!
Since I've been on such a JUMPSUIT high lately, I figured I would do an outfit of the day featuring my tribal print jumpsuit! Also, I dyed my hair!! It's the most obvious in the first picture. I literally had JET BLACK HAIR, so this is a HUGE transition for me and I am still getting used to it.

What do you think of my new hair color?!

Nails of the moment

Left: Essie Tart Deco, Right: OPI Over the Taupe

What I'm Wearing:
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21 (a LONG time ago)
Shoes: Bakers
Bangles: Bakers
Cocktail Ring: Cali Clothing (Asian fashion store)

See you in my next post! <3


thomessa said...

I like your hair, it looks nice :) & this outfit is really cute. Your nails are so pretty! I wish I had the patience to do that! said...

love the jumpsuit esp it being the wide legs..and u got gorgeous it!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Wow your nails are awesome looking and your new hair color is so pretty

Write it in Lipstick

Sunny & Star said...

I love your jumpsuit and your nails are so amazing.

P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.

Ashley Rae said...

Love the nails! You are soooo creative. And isn't it kinda fun to change up your hair for Spring? It's my first time to have my hair done by a professional. And the first time in over ten years that I've dyed my hair.
Thanks for the comment on my blog, doll!


Mandy said...

girl, you always have the nicest accessories and nails! and i can never pull off a jumpsuit. you look good!

Cat said...

Beautiful nails & I love your Hello Kitty in the background! :D

For The Fierce said...

Nice wedges, & love the nails <3

itzSheryl said...

Thanks for the follow :)
I love everything bout this post.. the hair and outfit esp the nails!


loving the post and the orange nails ... i need to cop that nails style great blog!!

Fashion to Go said...

Super pretty nails! Never thought that color combo would work so well together.