Thursday, April 7, 2011

Target likes my money

Hello, my loves!
Yesterday I took my boyfriend's little sister out. Started our day off with Starbucks, did some shopping in between, and ended it with dinner at Ajisen Ramen then some Boba. It was a VERY good day. I love my bf's little sister as if she's my own. She's only 15 and she's soooo adorably cute.

Anywho, one of our stops yesterday was Target. I initially walked in because I knew they had my bank's ATM machine in there, so I was only going to withdraw some cash and then leave. But of course, we ended up walking around, and next thing I knew...there was a whole bunch of stuff in my hands. =/

Satchel: original price-$24.99, sale price-$19.99

Cross-body Bag: original price-$14.99, sale price-$11.99

I never walk through their purse section. However, I decided to check it out, especially since the zipper on my every day purse just broke. I needed a new one and saw that they were having a sale on their hand bags. I ended up with 2. -___-

Shampoo & Conditioner: $5.99 each
 I am a HUGE fan of the Loreal sulfate-free shampoo&conditioner. I noticed that I don't shed as much as I used to, and my hair is definitely a lot less frizzy. I purchased this kind because it is specifically for color treated hair, and I just dyed my hair a few days ago.
Yes To Carrots Hair Mask: $12.99

Crest 3D White Mouth Wash: $6.99
EOS Lip balm: $3.29 (from Rite Aid)

I have never tried any of the Yes To products, so I thought I would give their Yes To Carrots hair mask a shot. I have never used a hair mask before, but I'm really trying to keep my hair nice and healthy. I read amazing reviews on this product, so I'm excited to use it myself!

The Crest 3D White mouth wash is pretty self explanatory. I wanted to whiten my teeth again. I've used white strips before (like, 4 years ago), but I just didn't feel like spending $30-$40 on strips again. I did my research and saw that the Crest 3D White mouth wash gives the exact same results, but of course, it will take a little bit longer. For only $6.99 for that huge bottle...I'm down.

Finally, I've been dying to see what all the hype is about when it comes to the EOS lip balms. So I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one from Rite Aid. I bought the Tangerine one, which is supposed to be medicated. I really like medicated lip balms. This definitely does not smell as good as the other ones, but with only 1 use, I am definitely enjoying how my lips feel!

If you have used any of these products, let me know what you think! I would love your feedback! Positive OR negative!

See you in my next post! <3


Lisa said...

i love target too!! your taupe nude bag is super cute!!

i love ajisen ramen too :)

Isabella said...

Target loves my money too! You are not alone.

For The Fierce said...

I LOVE Target... they like my money too lmao. I walk in sometimes telling myself I need to get just a few things but they always have the sickest sales so I end up buying more than what I planned!

I'm still not up on the EOS craze, I need to give it a try but my fav lip balm is Nivea, it NEVER lets me down & it's around $3 just like EOS.


jamie said...

target is the devil!

Mellmay said...

I love the first bag from target uber cute! I was just at target myself and spent like $45 blaaah... and I also wanted to try the Yes to Carrots lip balms but they are like $7 sheesh kinda pricey for lip balms.

Emily Anne said...

target consumes my money too. i walk in for one thing and leave with 5. and like everyone i know has internships there.
i love the first bag.
this post has inspired me to go to target tomorrow and look at their bags. haha.

and i have EOS lip balms.
i think they are okay, not my favorite
but then again i haven't tried the medicated one.

i want to try that hair mask though!