Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time For School

Hello, Loves!
In about an hour, I will be heading back to school. Spring break is over and I am so sad! =/ But this is what I will be wearing to school today. Just a simple and casual outfit. Also,  I JUST purchased a tripod, so I can finally try out different locations! Whee!

Hope you are having a great day! =D See you in my next post! <3


che said...

I love the pop of coral from the belt and your nails. Great outfit as well :)

Riya~ said...

I love the outfit and you are too cute!

ShennaVision said...

Love ur nails!


GreetingzZz from Amsterdam!!!

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Lisa said...

ohh you look so coy and sexy in the that first photo hahaha.

jezmacmania said...

thank you ladies! you are all so sweet <3 <3

Leigh said...

i love love love your shirt! it is so cute...as are your shoes :)


Viv said...

your nails are too cool :)


jezmacmania said...

@leigh: thank you! that's one of my favorite shirts and those are one of my favorite pairs of shoes!!

@viv: thank you! i'll be putting up a nail tutorial soon!

LaVitaChristina said...

nail are omg... fab! :)

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING this outfit! THat top is the pefect color and material.