Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sprucin' Up For Spring

Hey, Dolls!
I am so loving the trends for this spring. All the florals and the corals (lol), all the crop tops, jumpsuits, and rompers...I love it ALL! Recently, I've just been popping my head into Forever 21 to take a look around...and then something bad happens. I find something, then I find another something...and those somethings turn into about 4-5 somethings! OHMYGASH! This happened to me twice, where I would just go in to "look around," and end up buying all this stuff. Hmph! Thought I woulda learned my lesson the first time, huh? However, to compensate, no single item that I've purchased is over $15.50. Pretty good, right? Marshall's also has some awesome spring stuff right now also! (This was not all purchased at once)

Marshall's Haul
Each top was $12.99

Denim Shorts: $14.99

Forever 21 Haul
Romper: $11:50

Sheer Floral Top: $12.50
Beige Cardigan: $13.80
Each Jumpsuit was $15.50 except for the last one, which was $14.80
Red Skirt: $5.00

Olive Green Shorts: $11.50
Comfiest wedges ever!
You've seen these before, this is just a better picture. =)

I'm so excited to wear all these pieces! Hope you have a wonderful week, loves!

See you in my next post. <3


Diana said...

wow, you really got amazing things~ I loved everything you got :D

che said...

Sweeeet HAUL! OMG I just about adore everything you got, the pattens, print, colours are great for spring and the wedges have to be my favorite out of the bunch :)

Mellmay said...

i love the wedges!!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

loe florals and those wedges are fabulous!

Write it in Lipstick

jezmacmania said...

thank you ladies!! the weather here is SoO wishy washy! I just want the sun to be out all the time so that I can finally wear all these things!

jamie said...

omg i wanna be shopping with you! love the floral prints! and your shoes are amaze-zing!!!

Sara Alwan said...

Wow i love the floral top and the wedges!!
Thank you for the sweet comment, following you too <3