Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pink Pants, Anyone?

Hello, Dolls!

I purchased this pair of peachy/pink jeans from Forever 21. They were only $13.50, so I figured...why not? Jean's aren't always my favorite thing to wear, but having them in a different color made it quite enjoyable! Since the weather in Socal likes to have major mood swings, I thought that this would be a great way to still (kinda) keep myself warm when it's raining, while staying in the mood of spring.


I hope you enjoyed! And I hope you have a LOVELY weekend! I know I will...MY BOYFRIEND IS COMING HOME TOMORROW!! =D =D


kristinleigh said...

I have that necklace from Bakers! Lol. I'm wearing it on my last two outfits posts. And look at that boooooootaaaaaaaaayyyyyy. Oh hey, girl, heeey.

You look cutesie! I know you must be uber excited for the bf coming home!! =) Post pics!


Lisa said...

Those pink pants are smokin hot on you woman!!!

Yay for your bf coming nome :)

Danielle Rose said...

I love the colour, they look really nice on you.

che said...

The pink pants and striped gray top work well together and nice that it's not obnoxious pink but a nice soft pink pair of pants :)

For The Fierce said...

lol your vid cracked me up, love a chic with a sense of humor! & thaw bow necklace is too cute!


Nancy Andrade said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the jeans! Omg girl you cracked me up with your vid... :)

thank you for stopping by my blog btw...the camera necklace is from forever 21...


Ashley Rae said...

Check out those curves! You look great in the pink pants.
I'm so happy for you that your honey is home! Have a wonderful time!

Mandy said...

hope you had a good weekend and yay for colored pants! i miss my pair of purple ones. haha