Sunday, March 27, 2011

NOTM+Gel Topcoat

Hello, Dolls!
These are my nails of the moment. I was in a pinky mood, so i decided to paint my nails pink! It's showing up a lot more coral than it actually is in person, which is a little upsetting...but oh well. I never have the chance to take photos in natural day light because, well...i'm never home during the day! =/

This is such a cute pink color! So great for spring!
Also, the newest thing in nails ( to me, at least) is the whole GEL manicure. A few of my friends have told me that when they get their nails done now, they have a choice to put this Gel overlay on to make the manicure last a little bit longer. My friend told me about this GELOUS ADVANCED NAIL GET COAT that you can purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply. It is just a top coat that you put over your nail polish. I am wearing it right now. I only put 1 coat and I can definitely see the difference in thickness. So far, I like the way it is making my nails look. It's not obvious in the pictures, but its definitely obvious in person. I will let you know how it does throughout the week as far chipping and what not.

Hope you have a great week my loves!! See you in my next post. =)


Mellmay said...

i love the coral color its so spring =)

Rilakumaki said...

the nails are cute =) i love gel top coats too. it makes it look like bubbly...if that makes sense.

jezmacmania said...

@mel: i loooove corals and pinks right now! can't wait for the weather to be more spring-like!

@rila: thank you! and i know exactly what you mean! lol