Friday, March 25, 2011

Nail Polish Haulage

Hello, loves!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week! As for me, I'm still sick. =( I actually think I got worse. I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling extremely congested. I was coughing so much that day that I had to leave work. I hate having to do that! But, as of now...I don't feel miserable, but I'm definitely not completely well either. But I'm good. =D

Anywho, after school yesterday, I decided to stop by a nail supply shop to pick up some nail polishes. I was craving some new colors. teehee! I got there a little late, so I only had 30 minutes to look around. It wasn't until I left that I realized I had just purchased 10 new polishes for myself. -___- But...I don't feel that bad since I got 6 OPI polishes, 2 China Glaze polishes, and 2 Essie polishes for a grand total of $36.00. That makes it okay............right??? lol

Left to right: Funky Dunkey, No Spain No Gain, Red my Fortune Cookie, Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear!, Party in my Cabana, Top Coat

Left to right: Life Preserver, Re-Fresh Mint

Left to right: Jazz, Tart Deco

Can u tell that I opted for more springtime colors?? =) I officially need a nail polish rack. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can purchase one for a reasonable price?? Let me know!!

Until next time, I'll see u in my next blog!!


Mandy said...

Ahh! I just did a nailpolish haul too! I love nail supply store that is crazy cheap. I got 6 nail polish for like 20 bucks. You deal is pretty sweet too! THESE COLORS ARE SO SPRING LIKE! :D I love it!!

BTW, your banner is so cute. Makeup, Fashion, Fun! (: I will definitely be following your blog!

che said...

Like of course I LOVE your haul, cmon it's nail polish :)

And yes for 10 polishes that's a pretty decent deal, I think a lot of the colours you chose are perfect warm weather colours.

BTW hope you feel better too, I hate being sick!!

FloraH said...

i love the colour of the essie on the left! Simple, yet a lovely colour to wear.
Flora x

Ashley Rae said...

I think that's a great deal for them! I love how we always know how to justify our purchases. :)
Thanks for the comment, doll!


Lisa said...

OMG so many new nail polishes hahaha.. so many pretty colors for spring and summer :)

duuuuude i'm SO obsessed with your cup cake nails a few posts ago.. they're so amazing!!

jezmacmania said...

@mandy: thank you so much!! i'm kinda obsessed with all these spring time polishes!

@che: thanks girl! being sick is such a drag. but i'm feeling a lot better!

@floraH: i cant wait to use that color!

@ashley rae: lol i'm always trying to justify my purchases. it makes me feel less guilty...haha!

@lisa: thank you so much!!