Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Colored NOTM

Hello lovelies! I have been doing my nails like crazy this past week! Since I recently hauled a ton of new polishes, any bit of down time that I have, I use it to either Zumba (which is SO FUN!) or do my nails! Lol! I think this past week alone, I changed my polish 3 times. I think that may be a record for me. Amongst my friends, I am definitely notorious for always changing my polish, but that most I would do is once every week. But three times?! That may be a bit much...but oH WELL!

I decided to have Valentine-themed nails again, at least with the colors. I tried to do some hearts again, but failed miserably, so I kept it simple with a 2-toned color design.

This was the nail design that I had right before.
See you lovelies in my next post! <3


Dinorah ♥ said...

lool @ zumba or nails!! I've been the same way!! Except I squeeze in Farmville in there too lol. I agree with you, zumba is a lot of fun.

The V-day nails look so pretty. I love that Tropical Punch color & I like how the diagonal line gives it a super classy touch. I can't wait to see more nail designs!! <3

jezmacmania said...

thank you so much!! lol i tried to get into farmville...but got really confused so i gave up. hahaha!

Ailing ♥ said...

Your nails look amazing! I wish I could be artistic with nails but no... I fail! :( HAHAHA!
Thanks for the lovely comments :)
I hope all has been well. xx

Lena said...

omg u're nails are so pretty...
i can never do any designs...:(

Hi from a new follower :)

NatalieSecretCode said...

Lovely nails.. I like the last design! I shall try it out when I have time... :D