Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello, Loves!
So i FINALLY got my hands on the CRACKLE nail polish by China Glaze. My mission to get the OPI Shatter polish was a complete FAIL, but I got lucky and called my local Sally's Beauty Supply store to see if they had the Crackle polishes, and the lady told me that they still had a few left! So me & my sister-in-law BOLTED to the store! I ended up getting 4 out of the 6 colors. My sister-in-law was so sweet and bought these polishes for me! Yayee! Thanks, sis! I ended up getting Lightning Bolt (white), Cracked Concrete (gray), Crushed Candy (teal), and Broken Hearted (pink). I decided to not get the black crackle polish just because I feel like every one already has black, especially since the OPI Shatter polish came out. I am IN LOVE with these polishes. It's just so fun & funky!

Left to Right: Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted, Crushed Candy, Cracked Concrete

I really wanted to see what Crushed Candy would look like, so I did one nail using that color. Teehee! Now I will leave you with my latest OOTD video on youtube. Until next time, see you in my next post! <3


●♥ PopBlush ♥● said...

Oh I love 'crush candy' & 'broken hearted'!
Thanks for sharing :)

che said...

Aww you are too cute, I love everything from the accessories to the nails to the blazer. I couldn't pull of the boots though, I'm so short already.

Haha the home decor also reminds me of my parents home, they have like everything similar from your dining room.

jezmacmania said...

@PopBlush: aren't they gorgeous!! i love it! perfect for spring time!

@Che: thank you!! you are so sweet =) and i bet you COULD rock those boots!! and haha! our parents have similar taste in home decor!

Mellmay said...

i got them too.. the purple pink and black! yay.. thanks to you ofcourse =)

Emily Anne said...

I think that the China Glaze Crackles are better than OPIs Shatter anyways! Your nails look amazing!

jezmacmania said...

@Mel: yayee! so glad you were able to get ur hands on them!

@Emily: Thank you!! i love that the Crackle polishes came in several different colors, not just black!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

great nail polishes! I love the blue one!

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jen said...

omg love the nail varnish, so pretty =)
Thanks for following my blog, really means a lot to me =)
I've just followed ur blog too, lovely blog. Keep up the good work! XD

Andrea D said...

Your nails looks great! I am dieing to try crackle or shatter..I haven't seen them anywhere locally yet. Although I haven't really gone out of the way to find it, But If I happen to come across it you better believe I am going to scoop myself up a few bottles =)

By the way I am Andrea, a new follower. I liked your blog. My blog is just a random mix of everything. I do reviews and giveaways and beauty related stuff. I need to find more of a focus for it. But check it out.


She Likes To Pretend said...

Yay, I didn't know there were other alternatives to Black Shatter by OPI which I can't find anywhere. I'm totally gonna go look for these. I love that they come in different colors.

Diana said...

oh i have been dying to get my hands on those crackle nail polishes :D I love the white one :D