Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orange is the new black OOTD

Okay may not quite...but Orange is DEFINITELY one of the hot colors for this spring. Like it or not, it's the truth! This spring is all about corals and oranges! I was never one to HATE orange. I actually went through a phase back in the 8th grade where orange was actually my favorite color! I wouldn't say that it is, once again, my favorite, but I'm actually curious to experiment with this color. I purchased this blazer at H&M this past weekend while I was in Vegas with my family. It was my Daddy's birthday on Valentines day. I wore it the day after I purchased it and I managed to sneak in a couple pictures of my outfit while I was in a Forever 21 fitting room. LOL!

Orange Blazer: H&M
Taupe Button-down: Cotton On
Leggings: TJ MAXX
Booties: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Coach

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day! As you all know, my bf & I are doing the whole long distance thing. I wasn't really expecting anything because he knew I would be out of town during he had flowers send to my work! I was sooo shocked! When I came in, my coworkers were just staring at me waiting for me to notice the flowers on top of the lockers. I was so happy I almost cried at work. Hahaha whata sap, huh?


♥PopBlush♥ said...

Love the whole look~!
aww, your bf is so sweet!!! <3

miss D said...

what a cute outfit!! :)

Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

jezmacmania said...

thank you so much! =D

Cat said...

That is sooo sweet of your boyfriend, bless. :)

& Forever 21 dressing room, love it!

Barbie said...

Yeah, I heard orange/coral were colors of the season... I feel like they don't look very good on me!

And that's so sweet of your boyfriend! Mine lives 6 hours away for school, and we agreed that we'd just celebrate VDay when we saw each other, but he sent me flowers. They're so much better when it's a complete surprise! :)

Happy Valentines Day!

sweetperfection said...

I love your style! Thankyou for following and the lovely comment! Meet your newest follower (: xxx